Hero (archer) hunting bull-headed bird

Object no. S01131
Description of the seal image The scene is framed by line borders at the top and bottom. A bearded hero (archer) wearing a long robe aims his bow at a bull-headed bird, which has its head turned back. Above the latter, there is probably a plant (branch). The hero has a tasselled quiver on his back.
Figures, motifs/symbols - borderlines (2): line borders at the top and bottom
- plant: branch
- hero: archer, hunter, wearing a long robe; with a tasselled quiver on his back
- bull-headed bird: with its head turned back
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection De Clercq Collection
Museum Number De Clercq 309
Condition, shape The field is damaged around the tail of the hybrid creature.
Culture / Production Place Neo-Assyrian
Provenance ex-de Clercq Collection
First Occurrence before 1888
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 17, d: 7
Material and features "porphyre noir"
Style linear
Scene hunting

De Clercq – Menant 1888,178 no. 309 and pl. XXIX.

De Clercq, L. – Menant, J.: Collection de Clercq: Catalogue méthodique et raisonné. Antiquités assyriennes: Cylindres orientaux, cachets, briques, bronzes, bas-reliefs, etc. I: Cylindres orientaux. I: Texte – II: Planches et carte. Paris, 1888.

Object history
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