Hero (archer) hunting griffin

Object no. S02103
Description of the seal image The scene is framed by line borders at the top and bottom. A half-kneeling bearded hunter (archer) wearing a triple-belted tunic with a fringed lower edge aims his bow at a striding griffin. Between them is a small, palmette-like stylised plant. Above the hybrid creature is a crescent moon.
Figures, motifs/symbols - borderlines (2): line borders at the top and bottom
- griffin: crested, winged, raising a forepaw
- hero: archer, hunter, bearded, wearing a triple-belted tunic with a fringed lower edge
- stylised plant: small, palmette-like
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection Allard Pierson Museum, University of Amsterdam
Museum Number 6368
Condition, shape weathered surface
Culture / Production Place Neo-Assyrian
Provenance purchased by Henri Frankfort in Baghdad in 1935
First Occurrence 1935
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 28, d: 13
Material and features "dark brown limestone"
Style linear
Scene hunting

Meijer 1977–1978, 31 no. 43 and pl. V.

Meijer, D. J. W.: "Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals int he Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam". Jaarbericht van het Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap Ex Oriente Lux 25 (1977–1978) 7–34.

Object history
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