Hero (archer) hunting two human-headed winged lions (lamassus, sphinxes)

Object no. S02142
Description of the seal image A hero (archer) wearing long, belted clothing aims his bow at two beardless human-headed winged lions (lamassus, sphinxes), each wearing a brimmed headdress. Above the hybrid creatures are a crescent moon and a six-rayed, globe-centred star with globe-tipped rays.
Figures, motifs/symbols - crescent moon
- hero: archer, wearing long, belted clothing
- human-headed winged lions (lamassus, sphinxes) (2): beardless, wearing a brimmed headdress, raising a forepaw
- star: six-rayed, globe-centred, globe-tipped rays
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection Musée du Louvre
Museum Number SB 2620 – AS 9974 – CCO S. 567
Condition, shape chipped at the forelegs of the human-headed winged lion directly in front of the hero
Culture / Production Place Neo-Babylonian
Provenance excavated by Jacques Jean Marie de Morgan at Susa in 1910
First Occurrence 1910
Archaeological context Susa
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 14, d: 9
Material and features "calcaire noir"
Style linear
Scene hunting

Delaporte 1920, 66 no. S. 567 and pl. 36: 8.

Delaporte, L.: Musée du Louvre. Catalogue des cylindres. Cachets et pierres gravées de style oriental. I: Fouilles et missions. Paris, 1920.

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