Hero fighting rampant griffin

Object no. S01129
Description of the seal image The scene is framed by line borders at the top and bottom. A bearded hero wearing a headband and a long, broad-belted robe over a tunic with a fringed edge grasps a foreleg of a rampant griffin with his right hand and brandishes his weapon (probably a dagger) above his head with the left. Between them, there are traces of a figure (possibly a reclining wild goat, which has its head turned back), while behind them is a stylised palmette tree with a notched stem and offshoots. In the sky, an eight-rayed, globe-centred star, a crescent moon and the Sibitti (Pleiades) appear.
Figures, motifs/symbols - borderlines (2): line borders at the top and bottom
- crescent moon
- griffin: rampant, winged, raising a forepaw
- hero: wearing a headband and a long, broad-belted robe over a tunic with a fringed edge; holding a dagger or sword at his waist
- Sibitti (Pleiades)
- star: eight-rayed, globe-centred
- stylised tree: palmette on top, notched stem, offshoots
- wild goat(?): between the two figures
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection De Clercq Collection
Museum Number De Clercq 307
Condition, shape damaged lower edge and field between the two figures
Culture / Production Place Neo-Assyrian
Provenance ex-de Clercq Collection
First Occurrence before 1888
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 38, d: 14
Material and features "porphyre noir"
Style linear
Scene contest

De Clercq – Menant 1888, 178 no. 307 and pl. XXIX.

De Clercq, L. – Menant, J.: Collection de Clercq: Catalogue méthodique et raisonné. Antiquités assyriennes: Cylindres orientaux, cachets, briques, bronzes, bas-reliefs, etc. I: Cylindres orientaux. I: Texte – II: Planches et carte. Paris, 1888.

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