Horse-riding hero (spearman) hunting rampant lion-dragon [modern copy]

Object no. S00937
Description of the seal image A horse-riding hero (spearman) wearing a Median garment and headdress (bashlyk) aims his spear at a rampant lion-dragon. His horse has a fringed saddle rug on its back. Below the horse's belly and the hybrid creature, there is an alphabetic inscription reaching the hybrid creature.
Figures, motifs/symbols - hero: horse rider, spearman, wearing a Median garment and headdress (bashlyk), holding a spear with a round butt
- horse: charging, with a fringed saddle rug on its back
- inscription: alphabetic
- lion-dragon: rampant, horned, winged
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection The British Museum
Museum Number BM ANE 132504 – 1959-2-14, 2
Culture / Production Place Achaemenid
Provenance metal copy bequeathed by Miss M. F. T. Ready; the original seal was in the Woodhouse Collection in about 1862
First Occurrence 1959
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 23, d: 11
Material and features "This hollow metal seal was examined by Andrew Oddy and Nigel Meeks (Department of Scientific Research, British Museum, unpublished report, 1979, file 4389) using scanning electron microscopy and EDX analysis. The cylinder was formed from a piece of copper sheet and the seam was joined with soft (lead/tin) solder. A perforated brass (copper and zinc) disc was soldered to each end. The surface of the copper and one of the brass ends are covered with a worn layer of silver, possibly also attached by soft solder, and the inside of the seal is coated with very fresh-looking solder. In view of the uncorroded state of the metal components, it seems likely that this seal is modern (see Chapter VI.1.2; the seal is omitted from the statistics in that chapter). M.S."
Authenticity (public) modern copy of no. 393 in Bollmann Collection in Switzerland
Style imitation, modelled
Scene hunting
Writing system, language Alphabetic. Aramaic.


Traduction Property of ...

Merrillees 2005, 51 no. 13 and pl. VI.

Merrillees, P. H.: Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum. Cylinder Seals VI: Pre-Achaemenid and Achaemenid Periods. (Catalogue of the Western Asiatic Seals in the British Museum. Cylinder Seals 6) London, 2005.

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