Royal hero vanquishing Greek hoplite

Object no. S02073
Description of the seal image The royal hero (spearman, archer) wearing a crown (cidaris) and Persian clothing (court robe) holds a bow in his raised left hand and stabs a lying Greek hoplite with his right hand using a spear. The latter wears a crested helmet, chest and shin armour (cuirass and greaves), and a leather skirt (pteryges). Behind them is a fruit-bearing date palm.
Figures, motifs/symbols - royal hero: spearman, archer, wearing a crown (cidaris) and Persian clothing (court robe), holding a bow in one hand and a spear on the other
- tree: date palm
- warrior: wearing Greek armour, crested helmet, cuirass, pteryges, greaves
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection ex-Mrs William H. Moore Collection
Museum Number MMA L55.49.126 – Mrs Moore 118
Condition, shape slightly chipped upper and lower edges
Culture / Production Place Achaemenid
Provenance ex-Mrs William H. Moore Collection; on loan to the MMA by The Right Reverend Paul Moore Jr. from 1955
First Occurrence before 1940 (Mrs William H. Moore's collection)
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 22, d: 10
Material and features "milky chalcedony"
Style modelled
Scene warfare

Eisen 1940, 54–55 no. 102 and pl. XI.

Eisen, G. A.: Ancient Oriental Cylinder and Other Seals with a Description of the Collection of Mrs. William H. Moore. (Oriental Institute Publications 47) Chicago, 1940.

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