Spearmen on horseback hunting gazelle and spearman on foot hunting bull with dog (hound)

Object no. S02052
Description of the seal image A horse-riding hunter (spearman) aims his spear at jumping gazelle (antelope). The latter already has a spear sticking out of its back. Below them are a crescent moon and two seven-rayed, globe-centred stars. Another spearman on foot chases a larger quadruped, likely a bull, and aims his spear at it. Below the bull is a smaller animal, probably a dog (hound). All spears in the scene have round butts.
Figures, motifs/symbols - bull
- crescent moon
- dog (hound)
- gazelle (antelope): jumping
- horse
- hunter 1: horse rider, aiming a spear with a round butt
- hunter 2: on foot, aiming a spear with a round butt
- stars (2): seven-rayed, globe-centred
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection ex-Mrs William H. Moore Collection
Museum Number Mrs Moore 68
Condition, shape slightly worn
Culture / Production Place Neo-Assyrian
Provenance ex-Mrs William H. Moore Collection
First Occurrence before 1940
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 22, d: 14
Material and features "steatite"
Style linear
Scene hunting

Eisen 1940, 51 no. 75. and pl. IX.

Eisen, G. A.: Ancient Oriental Cylinder and Other Seals with a Description of the Collection of Mrs. William H. Moore. (Oriental Institute Publications 47) Chicago, 1940.

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