Two Greek hoplites hunting various animals

Object no. S02077
Description of the seal image The scene is divided into two rows at the top and bottom. Above, a half-kneeling hunter (spearman) wearing Greek armour with a leather skirt (pteruges) and a crested helmet aims his spear at a young running bull and two long-eared quadrupeds (possibly does). Below, a similarly dressed, half-kneeling hunter aims his spear at a lion chasing a deer and a running boar.
Figures, motifs/symbols - boar: running
- bull: young
- deer: stag, running, head turned backwards
- hunters (2): half-kneeling, spearmen, wearing Greek armour, crested helmets, leather skirts (pteruges)
- lion: chasing deer
- quadrupeds (2): long-eared, running, possibly deer (doe)
Subcategory cylinder seal
Collection ex-Mrs William H. Moore Collection
Museum Number Mrs Moore 186
Condition, shape chipped upper edge above the hoplite
Culture / Production Place Graeco-Persian
Provenance ex-Mrs William H. Moore Collection
First Occurrence before 1940
Archaeological context N/A
Registration number N/A
Dimensions (mm), height, diameter h: 40, d: 30
Material and features "bone"
Style modelled
Scene hunting

Eisen 1940, 55 no. 106 and pl. XI.

Eisen, G. A.: Ancient Oriental Cylinder and Other Seals with a Description of the Collection of Mrs. William H. Moore. (Oriental Institute Publications 47) Chicago, 1940.

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